Why Stride?

Are you ready? Are you ready to commit yourself to personal and professional development? To take a step in your lasting career as a business analyst? And prepare yourself for all the potential and opportunity that comes with it? Are you ready to take your stride?

When you sign up for the Stride Academy program you get:

Competitive Program

Stride Academy utilizes its relationships with employers and staffing partners so that we always have insight into the demands of the current business analyst job market. These relationships empower us to create a program that caters to the needs of today's employers.

Low Upfront Cost

When you sign up for the Stride Academy program you only pay a small portion of the fee upfront. The rest of the payment is not made until you have landed your job

Quality of Life

Unlike some other career paths where earning a lot of money requires you to sacrifice the majority of your time, as a business analyst you can expect to make at or above 6 figures on a 40 hour work week.

Networking and Guidance

As a Stride Academy graduate, you will enjoy access to a network of business analyst professionals within several industries. This network of Stride Academy graduates and professors are here to continue to support you even after you start your job.

Our program is loved by our students because…

You’re more likely to actually finish the material.

When you know the curriculum is designed with the success of the students in mind, you’ll be excited to get through it.

It’s challenging for all of the right reasons

Our students love the challenge of learning something new and knowing that they’re not wasting time learning things they will never use.

No complicated and unnecessary pre-requisites

Whether you have a post-graduate MBA or you didn’t even finish high school, every student who joins Stride Academy can find their own version of success.

More likely to get a high-paying post-graduate job

The Stride Academy BA program allows students to enter the competitive tech industry with a clear path to a high paying career.

Endless opportunity: the US tech industry alone employs over 12.2 million people

There is no surer way of guaranteeing your own financial stability and future than entering the world of tech.

Know you’re not alone

Enrolling in Stride Academy guarantees you will be part of a community of like-minded peers and expert mentors from now and throughout the rest of your career.

Join now, pay when you’re working
When you sign up for the Stride Academy program you only pay a small portion of the fee upfront. The rest of the payment is not made until you have landed your job.

Our Methodology

Take the classes
To learn the
Do Presentations
To gain real world
Contextualize information
To understand on the
ground reality
Interview prep
To learn what employers
are looking for
Land the job
Ace the interview and
start your new career

Cost of Traditional Higher Education

0 k
Average Student Debt
0 k
Average 4 year degree starting pay
0 %
of college graduates don’t work in their field of study.

6K Over
10 Years

Student Loan Interest

Salary Comparison

*Average raise based on the US average of 4.6% 6.20% since 1960)

In 10 Years...

* Cost of education source: https://educationdata.org/average-cost-of-college#:~:text=The%20average%20cost%20of%20college,annual%20growth%20rate%20od%207.1%25

In 10 years as a Stride Grad, you'll earn:

$ 0
more than a high school grad.
$ 0
more than a college grad.
But it’s not just about MONEY…

Time Savings

The value of this program extends far beyond what you can earn. On average, Stride Academy graduates have a time saving of 10 years. This means that it would take an average worker at LEAST 10 years to make the type of income that Stride graduates make on their first job.

Burden Of The Debt

Since you don’t have to take tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to enroll in the program, Stride grads have the added benefit of starting their professional careers without a mountain of debt on their back.

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.

Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills.

Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom”

Jim Rohn