Unique approach

Stride Academy helps motivated individuals get started in a lucrative career path as a business analyst. Our approach pairs career specific knowledge with education best practices. We believe everyone has the potential to succeed; however, we also know that it takes different approaches to unlock that potential for different people. Where cookie cutter education doesn’t work, our integrative program does. 

Our mentors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge along with proven frameworks that have been tested across many industries. They are veterans in their respective fields and are committed to the growth and development of our students.


What We Offer


Interview Coaching

Consultant Marketing And Job Placement

Onboarding/On the job support

Our Methodology

Take the classes
To learn the
Do Presentations
To gain real world
Contextualize information
To understand on the
ground reality
Interview prep
To learn what employers
are looking for
Land the job
Ace the interview and
start your new career

Our Guiding Principles

Continued Mentorship

After university, most of us are left to navigate the real world alone. And very few of us are adequately prepared. At Stride Academy, graduation is not the end. We’re committed to the continuous success of our graduates. Whether it is advice leading to career progression, a reference for that dream job, an introduction to a company you love, a certification to pursue or any other career related question, Stride Academy will be there to support you every step of the way.

Equality of Opportunity

Stride Academy students come from all walks of life. Whether you have a PhD or a GED or are a stay at home mom, this program does not discriminate. We have built the Stride Academy program so that all you need to bring with you to class is some grit, a willingness to learn, and a hunger for success. We’ll give you absolutely everything else you need to thrive in the exciting world of tech.

Education with Purpose

The material we cover at Stride Academy will always be relevant to what will actually help you when you’re working. We don’t waste time with unnecessary or irrelevant information. Unlike traditional education, when you’re in a Stride Academy program you will never have to wonder “How is this going to be relevant to me?” Which makes the learning process and challenge that much more enjoyable (and… dare we say… exciting).


We believe that the opportunity of success, the inner peace that comes with job security and the satisfaction that comes with financial stability should be accessible to everyone who wants it. This is why we have structured Stride Academy in a way that makes it affordable to anyone that has a desire to work hard and improve their life. So that together we can make tech an even more diverse and exciting place to be. We believe this is how we’ll make our impact on the world.

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