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How to Prep for an Interview: Essential Steps for Success


So you have spent hours working on your resume, submitting applications, being ghosted by recruiters, to finally now land an interview! That initial feeling of excitement gives way to insecurity, doubt, and paranoia. You start wondering whether you’re qualified for the job, what kinds of questions will be asked, whether your hard work will finally pay off or will you get rejected and have to start all over again. These are feelings every interviewee feels in the days leading up to an interview. And you finally ask yourself the one question that truly matters; “how do I prep for this interview?”

You start looking online for interview tips and strategies only to be confused by the contradictory advice you find online. You realize you’re more confused now than you were when you began your research. Well fear not, below is the only interview strategy you will need to follow to maximize your performance on the interview.

Step 1: It starts with a mindset

Having a positive mindset is crucial. It may seem incredulous, but a positive mindset has a noticeable and quantifiable impact on your performance. The mind is a powerful thing; by embracing a positive mindset you enable certain things within yourself. For instance, body language, tone, voice inflexion, posture, and much more are heavily influenced by mindset. And believe it or not but employers look for these visual and audible signals from their interviewees when determining best fit.

Step 2: Knowing your resume

Your resume is a summary of your professional profile. It is astonishing how many job candidates can’t speak to certain things on their resume, which is basically an automatic disqualification from the position. You want to make certain you not only know your resume, but can speak at length to any point mentioned in it. This means you have an experience, a story, or detailed response which explains what every bullet on your resume translates to.

Step 3: Knowing the job description

Lastly, make sure you study the job description – and we mean really study it! Too many candidates skim over the job description without a second thought, and so long as they feel they know it they don’t study it further. That is simply not enough. Can you speak to every point in the job description? Can you connect it with your professional experience or your resume? You will want to comb the job description line by line and make sure you have a response that connects the job description to your resume. This will maximize your ability to relate to the job in question and show yourself as an ideal fit for the position.

Step 4: Get enough rest the night before

Pulling an all nighter the day before the job is a surefire way to get yourself out of the running. You will want to make sure you have the ideal amount of sleep the night before the interview. This may mean going to bed a half hour earlier than usual to account for the nerves which may make you take longer to fall asleep. Additionally, make sure you go to the interview with more than just coffee in your stomach! A healthy, nutritious breakfast will ensure your body and mind are operating at their optimal capacity during the interview.

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